Friday, 9 April 2010

Almost Finished

Last night I had a real breakthrough and was able to get the mini-ipacs correctly mapped. In addition I was able to fully test LedBlinky, so I now have the animated controls while in Hyperspin. When I select a game LedBlinky will highlight the correct controls for that particular game which is rather cool.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Video Update

Here are a few videos taken with my iphone and posted to Qik showing my progress with the LedWiz installation over the weekend.

LEDWiz System Installed

I collected my arcade cabinet over the Easter break from Craig at Turnarcades. I must say the guys at Turnarcades have done a fabulous job with the cabinet and have been helpful throughout so i'd recommend them to anyone.

I spent the extended Easter break wiring in the four LedWiz units I got from Grooveygear. The pictures below show the LED system in full operation. I still have to sort the wiring for my Joysticks as I forgot to order the wiring harness when I originally ordered them.

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